The Indigenous people of north-east Arnhem Land, collectively know as Yolηu, have roamed the area for at least 60,000 years, hunting fish and bush animals as well as collecting seasonal bush food.

According to traditional beliefs, the landscape of the region and its inhabitants were brought into being during the travels of the Creator ancestors long ago.  As the ancestors travelled the land, naming and creating as they went, they left people behind and gave them the knowledge they needed to survive and look after what had been named.  This knowledge finds its expression in everyday life; and through the performance of ceremonies, the past is recreated.  The ritual designs painted on bodies, together with songs and dances, retell the journey and deeds of the totemic ancestors.

Arnhem Land is the cultural home of the Digeridoo (the proper name is the Yidaki). The responsibility for this culture rests with one man. Djalu Gurruwiwi, a remarkable man and the master of both making and playing this ancient instrument. Seven day masterclass conducted annually.

Visit the Buku-Larrηgay Mulka Art Centre located at the Yirrkala community and Galupa Arts on the shores of Melville Bay, for art from north-east Arnhem Land where local artists allow visitors to see the art in the making.

Immerse yourself in the traditional ways by  visiting one of the Homelands at Bawaka including women's program or Nyinyikay.

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Arnhem Land is Indigenous Land and we ask that all visitors respect the wishes and privacy of the Indigenous people.  Permits are required to enter certain areas.  Guests arriving by air do not require permits to stay at the Lodge or move about with the Town Lease areas.

To visit beaches and designated recreation areas, a permit is required from the Dhimurru Land Management Aboriginal Corporation
(The cost is approximately $20 per adult for a 7 day permit, the shortest permit available).  The revenue raised through permits contributes towards the cost of maintaining the access roads to all the designated recreation areas such as Cape Arnhem, Turtle Beach, Macassan Beach and Daliwuy Bay.

Separate permits must be obtained from Yirrkala Council to visit the boat ramp, Shady Beach & Rocky Bay Beach .

To travel the Central Arnhem Road from Katherine via Bulman to Nhulunbuy requires a permit in advance from the
Northern Land Council.

Alcohol restrictions apply throughout this region.  Permits are required to consume alcohol outside licensed premises. Get 'More Detailed Information'

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